Thursday, 13 April 2017

Camp letter

Dear Mrs Reid,

Thanks for being at Moore road camp. I liked doing the object sketch with you. It was fun at camp. ;)

Mt. Bruce Picture

Yours sincerely Amelie H.  

To the editor

To the editor,
Our Rivers and streams are being polluted. We, Rimu hub parkvale school hastings, want to stop the pollution. Rivers and streams are important to us because of the fish that live in them. Fresh water streams are important because we can drink from them. We also go in them. We also go swimming and do water sports in them. And just the beautiful feature of the landscape of streams and rivers. You’re probably wondering “how are the rivers and streams being polluted?” Well they’re being polluted by the rubbish that’s being thrown in them, the chemicals, the sewage, the cow manure, animal waste and the cut-down trees. We could form a river and stream clean -up crew! You know to help stop the pollution.

From Amelie Hanham! At parkvale school rimu hub hastings. All thanks to Mr. Blakey ;)!



This is my WORDFOTO photo. It was used for my writing tasks.