Thursday, 15 June 2017

Maori had games blog post

Yesterday some people in our class went to Maori hand games.

This is a photo of Emma and I playing E hipitoitoi

We also did koruru, which is knucklebones.
We did whai ( string) and my friend Emma is really good at it. It felt awesome doing games and playing against friends. We did hei tama tu tama another game.

I wasn't very good at the koruru. Or the whai. Definitely not the whai.

Here is a little demonstration video for hei tama tu tama and e hipitoitoi! 


  1. WOW Amelie! COOL video!COOL post!

  2. well good work i guess I'm sorry

  3. wow Emma wow Amelia you did that wall I love it it was so so cool from Alyssa :) ;0 ;)