Thursday, 22 June 2017

Not my story!

               NOT  MY STORY!
“Woah, woah!” I was falling down a hole with nothing but black. I landed on all four of my paws. Hundreds of cats were staring at me. I thought this is Bluestar’s story Then one asked “Bluestar aren’t you going to say something?”  I realized it was Tigerclaw the clan deputy. I saw Fireheart and Graystripe they were staring at me too. I beckoned the two clan warriors over with my tail.
I whispered to them “ I’ve got feathers in my throat from the fresh kill I ate earlier will you do my speech for me?”
The two cats nodded. I leaped off the high rock and padded into my den. I swiped the curtain of leafs that was the door of my den and then I entered. I thought I should see Cloudkit and the other kits in the nursery.

          THE END!

        BY AMELIE

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