Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 11 & 12

Tuesday was my second day of BBO Dance Days. I have learnt the whole ballet dance, it is called 'Innocence' and we are using white, orange, blue and pink fake flowers as props. My flowers are orange. I really like the dance and I am excited about performing it on Friday.
At break time I had a caramel slice and a rasberry fizzy drink from the cafe, they were delicious! I also learnt most of the jazz, tap and musical theatre dances and had a very technical ballet syllabus lesson. I know all of the ballet syllabus for Grade One but these lessons will make me even better which is good because there are exams in August.

Today at Dance Days we finished all of the dances. My Musical Theatre dance is from the movie Hercules and it is really fun. I also like my tap dance because we are cats and cats are my favourite animal! Tomorrow we will be fixing up any mistakes and making sure the dances all look good for the performance on Friday. I am so excited!

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