Thursday, 20 July 2017

Day 13

Today was the last day of BBO Dance Days. We spent the day rehearsing our dances for the show tomorrow. I got an NZ School of Dance t-shirt as souvenir.  My Mum bought tickets for my Nana, my Aunty Brigitte and herself. The tickets are really cool, this is what they look like:



My ballet shoes broke and we had to go on a mission to find a dance store to buy some new ones. They feel comfortable and are really nice to dance in. I also got black jazz pants for my tap dance. The last thing I got is very special and something I have wanted for a long time. A tiny pointe shoe key ring. I want to keep doing Ballet and get really strong so I can dance on pointe when I'm old enough.

There are teen girls on pointe at dance days and it looks really challenging but fun!

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