Sunday, 23 July 2017

Day 14, 15 and 16.

Day 14
Today was the big performance. We had a dress rehearsal that went from 8:30 am to 12pm and the real show started at 1:00 pm. In my
break at 12pm I had a unicorn hot chocolate and this is what it looked like ( well kind of, I started drinking it as soon as I saw it. It had an icecream cone 'horn'filled candy, blueberry hot chocolate, whipped cream, rainbow sour lolly straps and glitter sprinkles).
The performance was so much fun. Nana, Aunty Bid and Mum came to watch me. At the end of the show I got a gold medal for doing BBO Dance Days. I loved it and really hope that I get to go next year. Next year it is in Christchurch. 
On the way back to Nana's house we we stopped at Fisherman's Table for dinner. It was very dark when we got back to Feilding.

Day 15 
Today we drove back through Waipukurau. I made it for my jazz and tap class but was too late for ballet. I was very, very tired but it was important to go because their important in three weeks! After dancing I went to Waipawa to see my friends in 'The Sound of Music' play. I thought my friend Arabella did really well. I gave her a huge hug at the end.
Finally it was time to go home. My Poppa Renzie and his girlfriend Cath had come to visit. We played bananagrams which was lots of fun.

Day 16 
Wow, the last day of the holidays. I came into the gaming room and played a plane video game with my little brother, I was the spitfire plane and he was yellow plane. When everyone woke up we decided to go for a drive to Napier. We went to a cafe, marine parade, the beach and Otatara Pa where tribes of Maori people lived many years ago.


  1. What an amazing effort, Amelie. Blogging all through your holidays! You have created an interesting journal of your time. Kia kaha!

    1. Thank you Mr Moriarty. I wonder who I'll take to the movies with me.

  2. wow Amelie it looked like you had heaps of fun in the school holidays. well done it has a lot of detail.

    1. Thank you Emma! I choose you to take to the movies

    2. thank you amelie what movie should we see

  3. wow Amelie you must of had a awesome holiday :)