Monday, 17 July 2017

Day 9 and Day 10

20170716_085407.jpgToday I left my Nana and Grandad's house to go to Wellington.  Nana and Grandad's cat Jonesy ran up and down the hallway meowing like a cat alarm and woke everyone up at 4:30am!  When we got to Wellington we went to Te Papa. At Te Papa we saw an enlarged version of the Treaty of Waitangi. It was very hard to read as the handwriting was so old fashioned and it was in pieces but there were also printed translations in English and Maori. The Maori version was different from the English translation which is why there have been lots of arguments in the past. 
20170716_121549.jpg20170716_121425.jpgI also saw some beautiful Kauri gum nuggets (Amber) that were very old and had bugs frozen in them. The gum was very hard and smooth. Another cool thing I saw was a large mobile of sea creatures hanging from the ceiling. Te Papa is one of my favourite places to go in Wellington.
The next day was the first day of BBO Dance Days 2017! I was very, very nervous as I walked into the NZ School of Dance. There were lots of dancers who had come from all over the country and I was the only one from my dance school (except my dance teacher). I got over my nerves and I think I did really well. I am learning four new dances that will be performed at the show on Friday. 
My Uncle Marcus, Aunty Brigette and baby cousin Marco all came to visit me in my break. Marco is a real rascal and he is very cheeky and funny. He has learnt to walk and climb. 

My heels were killing me at the end of the day after several hours of dancing in four different styles! When I got back to our hostel I did a big fish flop on the bed because I was exhausted! 

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