Monday, 3 July 2017

Free blog post #2 Chapter 1 and start of chapter 2

  Project Shine

Chapter 1

“OK, the computer system room should be right about... here!” Violet stream said as the two agents went into the black room. Project Shine was on a special mission. Well, only half of project shine Summer leaf and Violet stream. Summer leaf said,  “Luckily I’ve  got a torch!” Summer leaf said. “OK now to shut down all of DESTRUCTION’s computer systems.” Said Violet stream. “Really? A fidget spinner background!” Summer leaf said. “Well, that’s what you expect from an agency of boys!” Violet stream said. They shut down the computer system and zoomed out of the building.

Chapter 2
“Text me later? What was she going to say? Violet stream muttered to herself. She ran to the Cafe. “What’s wrong?” Violet stream asked. “Well…” Snow stripe said

To Be Continued...

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